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10 N 3rd Avenue
Long Branch, NJ


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Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed - 100% 

$2.99 per package 

Minimum order is 6 packages per order.  Each package contains 3 cookies.

For example: 6 X $2.99 = $17.94 [PLUS SHIPPING CHARGES]

SHIPPING CHARGES (We ship through UPS) 

  • $9.50 Flat-Fee Per Order 

How to Place an Order

1.  Through email - please send orders to 

2. Call us at 732-343-4217

If we miss you, please leave your name and contact information and we will call you back ASAP! 

3.  We accept checks or credit card payments via Paypal.

Credit card customers will receive a PayPal invoice for records.

For additional information or questions, we invite you to either e-mail or phone us directly! 

If you are a distributor or are interested in wholesale pricing, please contact us and we will setup a time to discuss further!

Mail Orders can be send to:  
Kollar Cookies 
P.O. Box 535 
Long Branch, NJ 07740

Top Row: Strawberry | Raspberry | Blueberry 

Middle Row: Flavors: Apricot | Carob Chip | Walnut 

Bottom Row: Oatmeal Raisin